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Wine List

Hose Wines by Crystal Lake

White • Red • Blush
Glass $6.00 • ½ Carafe $12.00 • Carafe $18.00

Sparkling Wines

Pol Clement Brut Sparkling
Generous, rich flavors of ripe apples,
spice, and butter, with an attractively
doughy aroma. (6 oz bottle) $7.50

Bivio Prosecco
This pale, straw-yellow Italian wine is fresh and
dry with a fruity and floral fragrance
and a fine perlage. (6 oz bottle) $8.50

White Wines

Glass • Bottle
1. Chardonnay, Salmon Creek Cellars
Lively combination of apple, fig, and pineapple flavors.
A soft, round finish is accompanied by a hint of vanilla. $6.75 • $20.00
2. Chardonnay, William Hill, Central Coast
Crisp, dry citrus, pineapple, and orchard fruit up front, with hints of white peach
as well as delicate notes of vanilla and hazelnut spiciness, with a creamy mouthfeel.
It will match easily with chicken, veal, pork, turkey, or seafood. $8.50 • $25.00
3. Clos du Bois Sauvignon Blanc, Dancing Bull
Crisp citrus and grapefruit flavors with delicate acidity.
Great with appetizers and chicken dishes. $7.75 • $24.00
4. Pinot Grigio, Salmon Creek Cellars
Varied profile of flavors of peach, anise, and melon.
The finish is clean with a refreshing crispness. $6.75 • $20.00
5. Pinot Grigio, Campagnola
Green apple aromas with notes of mineral and melon. $7.25 • $23.00
6. Riesling, J. Lohr “Bay Mist”
Aromas of apricot, rose petal, and pear with medium sweetness,
balanced by refreshing acidity. $7.75 • $24.00
7. White Zinfandel, Salmon Creek Cellars
Light and lively strawberry, honeysuckle, and apricot aromas
unfold on the palate leaving a hint of sweetness. $6.75 • $20.00
8. Moscato, Salt of the Earth
A cool stream of citrus and peaches tickles your tongue
and enlivens your palate. $7.75 • $24.00

Red Wines

Glass • Bottle
9. Merlot, Cedar Brook Winery
Hints of vanilla, rich blackberry, and cherries.
Vanilla and fresh fruit are evident with a smooth finish. $7.00 • $22.00
10. Merlot, Leese-Fitch
Bright and inviting with aromas of ripe red fruits; raspberry, cherry and pomegranate.
Additional aromas of red currants, clove spice and sweet vanilla.
The wine is rich with incredibly smooth tannins. $7.75 • $24.00
11. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cedar Brook Winery
Full-bodied with hints of blackberry, currant, and cherries.
Rich with fresh fruit, oak, and vanilla with a smooth finish. $7.00 • $22.00
12. Cabernet Sauvignon, Old Soul
Deep garnet in color, with notes of coffee and chocolate that pave the way
for ample dark fruit flavors. Currants and black cherry are lively
with medium tannins and subtle spice. $7.75 • $24.00
13. Cabernet Sauvignon, Estancia, Paso Robles
Brambleberry and floral aromas. Lavish, silky tannins mid-palate,
complemented with black currant, vanilla, and dark chocolate flavors
and a nice lingering finish. $9.00 • $28.00
14. Cabernet Sauvignon, Summers Adriana’s Cuvet, Napa/Sonoma
Medium bodied wine with a ruby plum color, rich in texture with notes
of black currant, cedar & spice. $11.00 • $34.00
15. Cabernet Sauvignon, Rutherford Ranch, Napa
Full-bodied silky wine has flavors of blackberries & mission figs
intermingled with notes of clove and well-integrated tannis. $12.00 • $37.00
16. The Maverick’ Pinot Noir by Four Vines, Edna Valley
Opens with bright aromas of raspberry, cranberry and hibiscus.
Offers a lingering finish of red fruit and subtle cherry cola hints. $11.00 • $34.00
17. Zinfandel, Ravenswood Vintners Blend
Rich, somewhat soft, moderately complex, spicy, ripe, raspberry aroma.
The flavors are those of black cherries, mint and vanilla with a sturdy,
slightly astringent finish. It’s a wonderful complement to pasta,
poultry, red meats and other highly-flavored dishes. $7.75 • $24.00
18. Malbec, Belasco de Baquedano, Llama
Fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries, and plums stand out against a background
of fine toasty hints from aging in top-quality oak. $8.00 • $25.00

Italian Wines

19. Chianti, Tosclo Chianti
100% Sangiovese. Brilliant ruby in color, this forward Sangiovese is supple, fruity
and flavorful on the palate, with appealing balance. $7.75 • $24.00
20. Chianti Classico, Poggio Basso
Full-bodied with scents of violets and elegant flavor. $9.25 • $29.00
21. Chianti Riserva, Contemassi
Intense and fruity with dry, harmonious black cherry. $10.00 • $32.00
22. Toscana Cacciata “Super Tuscan” Blend
Deep scarlet hues with purple reflections and sumptuous bouquet
of red fruit, violets, chocolate, and cinnamon. $12.00 • $37.00