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Wine List

Hose Wines by Crystal Lake

White • Red • Blush
Glass $5.75 • ½ Carafe $11.00 • Carafe $17.00

Sparkling Wines

Pol Clement Brut Sparkling
Generous, rich flavors of ripe apples,
spice, and butter, with an attractively
doughy aroma. (6 oz bottle) $7.50

Allure Bubbly Pink Moscato
Apricot, peach, bergamot, and mint flavors.
The bubbles and off-dry balance enhance the
refreshment with each sip. (6 oz bottle) $8.00

White Wines

Glass • Bottle
1. Chardonnay, Salmon Creek Cellars
Lively combination of apple, fig, and pineapple flavors.
A soft, round finish is accompanied by a hint of vanilla. $6.50 • $19.00
2. Chardonnay, William Hill, Central Coast
Crisp, dry citrus, pineapple, and orchard fruit up front, with hints of white peach
as well as delicate notes of vanilla and hazelnut spiciness, with a creamy mouthfeel.
It will match easily with chicken, veal, pork, turkey, or seafood. $8.50 • $25.00
3. Clos du Bois Sauvignon Blanc, Dancing Bull
Crisp citrus and grapefruit flavors with delicate acidity.
Great with appetizers and chicken dishes. $7.50 • $23.00
4. Pinot Grigio, Salmon Creek Cellars
Varied profile of flavors of peach, anise, and melon.
The finish is clean with a refreshing crispness. $6.50 • $19.00
5. Pinot Grigio, Campagnola
Green apple aromas with notes of mineral and melon. $7.00 • $22.00
6. Riesling, J. Lohr “Bay Mist”
Aromas of apricot, rose petal, and pear with medium sweetness,
balanced by refreshing acidity. $7.50 • $23.00
7. White Zinfandel, Salmon Creek Cellars
Light and lively strawberry, honeysuckle, and apricot aromas
unfold on the palate leaving a hint of sweetness. $6.50 • $19.00
8. Moscato, Salt of the Earth
A cool stream of citrus and peaches tickles your tongue
and enlivens your palate. $7.50 • $23.00

Red Wines

Glass • Bottle
9. Merlot, Cedar Brook Winery
Hints of vanilla, rich blackberry, and cherries.
Vanilla and fresh fruit are evident with a smooth finish. $6.75 • $21.00
10. Merlot, Mirassou
Soft flavors of bright cherry and vanilla; subtle tannins. $7.00 • $22.00
11. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cedar Brook Winery
Full-bodied with hints of blackberry, currant, and cherries.
Rich with fresh fruit, oak, and vanilla with a smooth finish. $6.75 • $21.00
12. Cabernet Sauvignon, Mirassou
Easy drinking with lots of bright fruit throughout.
It has a touch of spice and oak on the finish with very light tannins. $7.50 • $23.00
13. Cabernet Sauvignon, Estancia, Paso Robles
Brambleberry and floral aromas. Lavish, silky tannins mid-palate,
complemented with black currant, vanilla, and dark chocolate flavors
and a nice lingering finish. $9.00 • $28.00
14. Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine Napa
Offers full body with smooth tannins and a lengthy finish. With distinctive aromas
of dark cherry, currant, and plum with hints of peppery spice. $12.00 • $37.00
15. Pinot Noir, Cedar Brook Winery
Delightful with its fresh fruit, berry aromas, and spice.
The palate is rounded with vanilla and hints of cherry. $6.75 • $21.00
16. Pinot Noir, Bridlewood
Deep flavors of dried cherries with a touch of raspberry
and slight touch of smokiness from the oak. $8.00 • $25.00
17. Zinfandel, Ravenswood Vintners Blend
Rich, somewhat soft, moderately complex, spicy, ripe, raspberry aroma.
The flavors are those of black cherries, mint and vanilla with a sturdy,
slightly astringent finish. It’s a wonderful complement to pasta,
poultry, red meats and other highly-flavored dishes. $7.50 • $23.00
18. Malbec, Belasco de Baquedano, Llama
Fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries, and plums stand out against a background
of fine toasty hints from aging in top-quality oak. $8.00 • $25.00

Italian Wines

19. Chianti, Tosclo Chianti DOCG
100% Sangiovese. Brilliant ruby in color, this forward Sangiovese is supple, fruity
and flavorful on the palate, with appealing balance. $7.50 • $23.00
20. Chianti Classico, Poggio Basso
Full-bodied with scents of violets and elegant flavor. $9.00 • $28.00
21. Chianti Riserva, Contemassi
Intense and fruity with dry, harmonious black cherry. $10.00 • $32.00
22. Toscana Cacciata “Super Tuscan” Blend
Deep scarlet hues with purple reflections and sumptuous bouquet
of red fruit, violets, chocolate, and cinnamon. $12.00 • $37.00